Laser marking edible labels, leading a new trend in food safety


As the saying goes, "The people take food for the sky, food for the first"

Food label is a carrier that delivers product information to consumers.

Do a good job in food label management

It is an effective way to maintain consumer rights and maintain food safety.

It is also the need to achieve scientific management of food safety.

Laser marking "edible labels" to escort food safety


Use laser trademarks instead of traditional trademarks

Avoid the problem of label shedding and achieve permanent identification

Achieve the dual effects of food traceability and anti-counterfeiting

Save production costs for retailers and suppliers


Unique and innovative laser logo

Does not affect food life or taste

Reduce the environmental impact of traditional label paper

Also effectively reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions


Precision laser marking machine on the fruit surface

Print the brand LOGO, date and other information to make the fruit label clear and easy to read

Not only solve the problem of mislabeling of trademarks of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets

And put an end to the issue of the production date on the packaging, the production batch number has been tampered with, etc.

Keep food safe and leave no chance for counterfeiters


The emergence of laser marking machines brings new changes to food labels

Safety issues on the tip of the tongue will also become increasingly perfect

Guarding food safety

Laser marking machine is with you!



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Laser marking

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